Our commercial shop ventilation fabrication and workshop ventilation installation provides complete installation of your ventilation system with little construction.

Our typical installations are performed in but definitely not limited to industrial applications such as

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More About Ventilation System Installation and Fabrication

-Do-it-yourself training
-Project managed by a local contractor installation (saving costly crew travel expenses)
-Collaboration with your employees to install your system (saving premium labor rates)
-Design build using local materials and labor

A typical installation for a Keep the Heat system involves:

1) Building a flange to mount any one of our systems in your building.

2) Then we cut the hole and insert and mount the flange to the side of your building.

3) Next we attach the unit to the building and flange.

4) Preparing the interior ductwork we place “ring spacers” every three to four feet on the eleven
3″ tubes.

5) After this we raise 10′ sections of the chute to the ceiling level and attach 3″ couplers from the
head of unit to the ADS tubes located in the chute.

6) Attaching the “non flanged” end of ductwork to the head of unit is the next step. At this point
additional tubing or PVC is added as needed.
Note: Some of our customers have used PVC or corrugated tubing and some have
used a combination of these.

7) The final step is to have an electrician wire switches. We suggest using separate switches
for each motor.
Note: The motors are variable speed so you may want to install speed control switches
if you desire.

AccountOutside AirCeiling TempFresh Air
Iowa Precision-117064
CR Conveying-117571
Jones County Maint.-87065
Dave Schmitt Const.-87065
Simon Welding135550
MSI Mold Builders-67467
Bowker Mechanical-66257
Keating Steel237269
Dave Schmitt Const.06662
Gemini Valve237265
Sadler Machine Shop-77066
Altorfer-Cedar Rapids-77974
Rochester Tractor Equip07269
Ellis Mfg.86155
Rental Service Corp107367
Conveyor Engineer126155
Altofer CAT Davenport277268
Altofer CAT Peoria287268
Precision Tool336966
Altofer CAT CR347268
Gen. Grind & Machine396965
Daniel Yoder & Son437067
Wendling Quarries476562
  • Outside Air = Air taken directly from the outside and forced into the 3″ corrugated tubing.
  • Ceiling Temp = Air temperature of the ceiling of your building. This is where we get the air we are going to exhaust.
  • Fresh Air = This is the air we bring into your building directly from the outside and deliver this air in your shop at about 3′ from the floor.