Metal Shop Ventilation Systems

Health of your shop employees is the number one important issue for any shop owner, making sure your team is breathing the highest quality air can lead to large increases in worker productivity and long term success for companies as well as the long term health of the workers exposed to the various toxins created through welding. Luckily, there are cost effective solutions for any problem. Read through the various problems and solutions facing a modern welding shop and how Ventilation USA can provide a quality solution.

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4 Basic Solutions

One. Keep The Heat
Two. Ambient Air Filtration Systems
Three. Quietaire Ventilation System
Four. Combination of Keep The Heat and Ambient Air Filtration Systems

To create the best air to breathe in your welding shop we have several options to consider.  We either bring in fresh air from outside directly. Think of highly efficient fans that direct air into a hot building and help force it to circulate and exit out in a controlled manner.  The next is to take outside air and mix it with a heat exchange in order to capture the heat from inside instead of pumping cold air directly into a building, we can keep that heat while still bringing in fresh air.  The third option we utilize is to simply filter out the bad air.  By installing a proper air filter, we can scrub the air and make sure it’s now safe to weld in.  Because this doesn’t bring in cold air, it can be a very energy efficient option.

Often times a mix of each of these products creates the perfect balance of high efficiency along with cost effective solutions.  That is what makes Ventilation USA different.

This is a heat exchange solution that brings in fresh air while exchanging the heat at the same time. This is an energy efficient way to take cold outside are and avoid pumping it directly inside. This solution handles roughly 1,500 CFM. It utilizes unique delivery methods that can pinpoint deliver fresh air via direct tubing.

  • Heat Exchange
  • Energy Efficient
  • Exchanges air outside while retaining the heat.
  • Brings Fresh Air In
  • Can be used in most applications
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Like the Keep The Heat system, this one will exchange the external air’s heat difference with the fresh air it’s bringing in. Unlike the Keep the Heat System, it handles much larger air flows meaning it is perfect for larger shop environments.

  • Displacement Ventilation
  • Creating the perfect air movement pattern
  • Capture and filter the weld smoke as it naturally rises to the ceiling
  • Distribute the clean filtered air to the floor level to pressurize the lower half of the shop
  • Air movement pattern forces all the weld smoke to stay at the ceiling to be filtered.
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This system brings in fresh air directly from the outside in a high CFM volume. It can then be distributed through out the welding shop creating a clean air environment. Great for summer cooling of large spaces.

  • Cost Effective
  • High Volume Solution
  • Brings Fresh Air In
  • Summer Cooling
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We may find just one of these solutions is enough, or a combination of systems that creates the ideal ventilation system. This is why we will help you design the perfectly balanced system that saves energy, is cost effective, and creates the safest air to breath while your staff works.

  • We install a Keep The Heat System to replace half the air with fresh new air.  This solves half our air problem by bringing in fresh air from the outside.
  • Then combine that with Ambient Filtration System to scrub the other half of the air in the building making the air clean.

Ventilation USA can help with all of your Welding Shop Ventilation Needs.  Call today.